Threshold not met.

I had a dream some time ago that I was preparing breakfast for myself before heading off to work.

I was in a bit of a rush about things, and managed to spill cereal from several boxes all over the counter and floor. As I started cleaning the mess, I noticed that some of my fingers had fallen off. I was intensely annoyed at this, as I was already running late. Now, in addition to cleaning up cereal, I had to go and look for my fingers.

I looked all around the counter and floor where I had been pouring the cereal, and could not locate my missing digits. I then looked over at the boxes, and realized that my fingers must have fallen into them.

I was running significantly behind schedule at this point, and did not want to waste time digging around in all the boxes to find my missing fingers. So, instead I grabbed sharpie, and wrote a note on one of the boxes, indicating that there might be fingers in one or more of them, not to worry and I would deal with it when I got home.

I feel like this might have been my brain testing the limits of my laziness. Or my willingness to pause my current course of action to deal with issues that arise before they become bigger issues. Either way brain, you need to up your game. I don’t have time for obstinate fingers that refuse to stay where they belong.

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