Thomas Was Alone

Friday I finished a game called Thomas Was Alone. It’s about a group of AIs who are basically the x-Men of the AIs inhabiting the mainframe of a company called Artificial Life Solutions. This game is positively beautiful in style, execution and character development – which is impressive considering all the characters are rectangles, and all are voiced by one narrator. It’s like someone is reading you a story that just happens to manifest interactively. And in terms of gameplay, it is essentially everything a platformer ought to be: a series of kinetic puzzles whose solutions require awareness and mindful action. And once you understand how it works, moving through the level is very fluid.

This game was originally developed as a flash game during a 24 hour game design challenge – that version is here, but be aware that it is the mechanics of the game only. Though on that topic, I will say that the jump took a bit of getting used to, as there is no momentum to account for – when you stop holding the stick/arrow key, you just stop your sideways movement, and that is where you fall.

Here is the Steam page for the game, with a trailer and screens for you to admire: Thomas Was Alone Or just watch this (sound on – the soundstrack is pretty excellent as well).

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