If these humans are animals, what stripped them of their humanity?

Cop Calls Ferguson Protesters ‘Fucking Animals’

People need to understand that we are all animals. We are domesticated, well trained animals that have (for the most part) learned to depend on and trust one another for the best chance at survival. This is a bargain we strike with each other, and it helps us quell the impulses that brought our more primitive ancestors success.

If you want me to keep to this bargain, you must also subdue your impulses. You cannot allow your fear of what I *might* do cause you to preemptively attack or restrict me. You must treat me as an equal. Through all the conditioning and socialization, I must still be able to find the path that sees at least my most basic needs met. I must not be abused. I must not live in fear. Otherwise I am cornered. And cornered animals tend to forget their training. They tend to snap and bite.

I’m not saying it’s right, I’m saying it’s what you can expect to happen.

Yes, I know they’re not real.

So there’s a commercial out for a new set of Star Wars DVDs – the original trilogy, not the most recent set of catastrophes.  I’m not entirely certain why we want to buy this particular set.  I *think* it is the actual original, un-re-mastered version – before it was raped by by new and improved visual technology to the sound of weeping muppets.

Anyway, the commercial features this family sitting around excitedly reminiscing about their favourite scenes.  It’s very sweet because the parents are now sharing the experience of these beloved movies with a younger generation.  Near the end of the commercial, their little blonde daughter – presumably around 4 or 5 years old – comments in her piping saccharin voice "I would love to have a pet wookie!"

That so poppet?

Think the parents will reprimand the little aryan cherub with a "Now honey, remember: we don’t keep other races as pets"?  No.  They will chuckle, ruffle her hair and say "Oh how darling – she devalues other beings because they look different."  And the rest of the viewing audience is supposed to do the exact same thing.

Wookies are one of the major races of the Star Wars universe.  The movies themselves show Chewbacca as a co-pilot and engineer, not munching out of a bowl of kibble under Han Solo’s bunk.  During the time of the Republic they held seats in the Galactic Senate.

Yes, I do realize that I’m ranting about fictional characters.  Yes, I realize that it’s cute when little kids don’t quite know what they’re talking about.  Yes, I occasionally follow trucks full of immigrant workers so I can pay one five dollars to let me walk him around the block on a leash.  The point is that there is a lesson to be learned here re: diversity.  And that lesson is about respect.