Nietzsche gets unfairly labeled as being kind of depressing to read. For all that he discusses nihilism, I’m not sure he actually was a nihilist. He acknowledges that meaning is subjective- something created by individuals based on what feels significant to the individual. That is perhaps at the root of nihilism – the tearing away of established moral structure. But then he goes beyond that too, by understanding that the individual is just the product of conditioning, both biological and social.

Some of what he wrote is actually quite uplifting, read with the proper mindset. What he proposes is like . . . clearing away the cruft of our own perspective. If there is truth beneath it all, so be it. If there was only ever cruft to begin with, so be it. But let us be brave enough to at least try to see.

It sounds a lot like Buddhism, if only in terms of descriptive statements rather than prescriptive ones. It’s just that he was German so it sounds bleaker and more severe.