Papa John’s Delivers

They have a box for special driver instructions. People should take advantage of that more often.

In other recent(ish) news, someone left mushrooms on my car. I do not know why.

It is possible that this was a bizarre act of aggression on the part of some cranky harpies that live across the street from us. John parked behind the BMW of one of their friends one evening when he got home from work. She walks across the street and asks him if he could park somewhere else, because she was not sure if there was enough room for her to get out of the parking space. John took a moment to assess the space she actually had, factored in the complete lack of empty spaces on our street, then looked at the girl and asked “Do you live here?” To which she replies “No, I’m just visiting.” At that point John bid her good evening and headed into the apartment.

I have my doubts as to the act of aggression theory, for a couple of reasons.

  1. 1.) I did not actually see them do it.
  2. 2.) Putting mushrooms on someone’s car is not a particularly aggressive act

Also, it could have been elves.

My Neighbor is Huge

My next door neighbor is a huge woman.

I don’t mean she’s fat – a regular fat person does not cause a person’s mind to shatter due to the sheer uncanny appearance of her form. I mean she posesses a bone structure far beyond that of a normal human being.

I’ve said hi to her a few times in passing, but she always seems far too busy to talk. Or maybe she just wants to avoid me in particular for some reason. Whatever it is, she’s making her race of giants appear pretty antisocial. Last time I tried to talk to her, she managed a pleasant facade for a few seconds before indicating that she was late for something downtown – presumably her battle with Ghidra.