People who misunderstand evolution seem to think it works like Pokemon

People who think they have a hard counter to evolution by throwing down “If humans evolved from apes, then why are there still apes?”

They are under the impression that evolution transforms one species into another.

Like, apes leveled up and turned into humans.

This is about more than just mating strategy.

Psychology Today – Love’s Loopy Logic

The nugget of wisdom from this article (emphasis mine):

Seeing the world through our own warped force field is standard operating procedure. “Biased mechanisms are not design defects of the human mind, but rather design features,” says Haselton. We don’t commit them just in mating mode. They’re present in our everyday perceptions, protecting our egos and all types of relationships. We imbue the powerful and beautiful with personal and intellectual qualities that they likely don’t possess, overestimate our own abilities, and downgrade the importance of skills that elude us. We’re also paranoiacally primed to detect threats to our status, to our children—any domain in which the stakes are high. This is why women are fiercely protective of their newborns, why we agonize if the boss idly snaps at us.

All the stuff about how this applies to gaining sexual advantage is certainly interesting, but it is just an example of the overarching mechanism at work.