I’ll stop watching it when it stops being awesome.

I remember reading something about Heath Ledger isolating himself in a hotel room for six weeks prior to filming, getting into the mindset of his vision of The Joker. He apparently kept a journal which included a list of things that the Joker would find funny, such as AIDS. While I respect people really putting the work into getting the role right, I have to wonder what the long term effects are. Obviously not of terrible concern in this case, but if I recall correctly, Val Kilmer sequestered himself similarly for the role of Jim Morrison and ended up in therapy. I think. Maybe I made that up – I do that sometimes. Whatever – you’re clearly on the internet so you can suss out the truth of it if you care to.

In any event, I feel an item such as the journal should end up in a place appropriate to it’s significance, but I’m honestly shocked it hasn’t yet shown up on ebay.

I’d bid on it.

I wouldn’t win, but only because I am neither independently wealthy, nor willing to sell organs. Well, not my organs anyway. And even brief consideration of the costs associated with locating, securing and transporting viable organs reveals the proposition to be unsound for someone looking to make the quick financial turnaround required for the transaction. It’s really geared towards people with long term goals.

I mean – you’d have to have a buyer lined up first off, because I doubt organs keep long enough for you to harvest first, then go hunting for a buyer. Then you have to find someone that matches blood type, right? And the person would have to be disease free. But then you’d probably want it to be from someone nobody is going to notice missing right away, like a hobo – and how fucking easy do you think it is to find a disease free hobo? They’re not just lying right there in the street – not the healthy ones anyway. The ones lying down probably have something wrong with them, otherwise they’d get up and panhandle or try to charge me money to keep an eye on my car in a public lot or something. I suppose they could just be passed out drunk, but still. That could mean alcoholic, and what if I’m looking for a liver? How am I suppose to move a liver that’s all shriveled up with cirrhosis – nobody’s gonna buy that shit.

I think I just googled a bunch of stuff that’s gonna get me arrested. Thanks Patriot Act.

Yes, I can can use google as a verb in writing.

I was supposed to go see The Dark Knight for the third time this weekend with one of my brothers, but a ruptured brake line spraying fluid all over the road has postponed his visit. This makes me sad. However, I will console myself with the knowledge that this product exists:

Also . . . Watchmen. I am excited by this movie event. I too, may pee.