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I had a dream that I was listening to a lecture in a university auditorium by someone that had solved the three-body problem using Arrested Development as a framework. There was extensive use of yarn and pushpin based node maps to describe what was going on. Like multiple slides of this shit shown on kind of a crappy overhead projector.


Then it turns out that Michael Cera actually discovered this, and was winning some sort of prize for it. The setting is now an awards ceremony. Michael Cera is now both Michael Cera and George Michael Bluth. Just off stage, Michael and GOB (the characters, not the actors – though they seem to be aware of Michael Cera’s dual nature) announce a guest that will present the award.


George Michael (the singer) walks out onto the stage. As in 1980’s, acid-wash Faith-era George Michael.


He starts walking across the stage, stops and and starts doing finger pistols first toward the audience then, with a wide grin, in the direction of a visibly confused Michael Cera. GM holds the the finger pistol pose for a few seconds of uncomfortable silence until MC responds in kind. The audience goes mad with approval. This only serves to encourage GM (who has turned into a cardboard cutout of finger-brandishing GM). The scene switches back and forth between cardboard GM, frozen in place, and MC making awkward finger pistols at each other.


This goes on for what feels like a very long time, until MC says “Ok, that’s probably enough” and goes back to reading his note cards on stage.

Profile photo of Jessica

Zero is GOB Bluth under the mask. The thought occurs to me every time he throws out a grenade. He yells “Grenade!”, but it’s not like “Look out, grenade!”. It’s more “Grenade, yesss!”, punctuated by an implied fist-pump. Or maybe he just mouths “Fuck, yeah” under his helmet.

Then I heard him say “Illusion” for the first time, and that sealed the deal.

Also just recognized that GOB Bluth is a recursive acronym. Like Xinu. Kind of.

No, wait, it is just redundant. Like ATM machine.

Anyway, enjoy this.

Illusions Michael
tricks are what a whore does for
money or cocaine