I’m going to call it Lt. Dan.

Still tinkering with the little robot kit I got a while ago. I made some new legs and thought I’d do a before and after.

Here, with the originals that came with the kit.

And with the new, more terrifyingly clawlike upgrades.

I have never gotten it to walk in a totally straight line – there’s always at least a little drift (typically to the right). This may be due to the leg design, as I am not using the same orientation as shown in the example videos presented by the guy who put the kit together. I might not be compensating correctly for the way the legs attach to the brackets. They all attach to one side, so they don’t line up perfectly. Or it could be that some of the servo gear teeth were stripped when my nephew kept insisting he needed to help its legs.

After I got the new legs on, I recorded it walking and then slowed down the video to try to see what was happening. This resulted in the following revelations:

1. Without the little foam wheel-feet, the legs seem to just slide around on the floor a lot.
2. Servo motors slowed to .25x speed sound a lot like heavy mouth-breathing.
3. My dog’s will is utterly broken by the mechanical horrors he has to contend with on a daily basis. He doesn’t even try to hide from them anymore.


I got some Sugru to put on the tips of the legs. Hopefully this will help with getting some traction.

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